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Escaping The Friend Zone
Have you ever been forced into the friend zone by a woman you were really attracted to? Have you ever wanted to force a woman into the friend zone because you weren’t attracted to her? The friend zone is surprisingly easy to control, but most men aren’t able to because they make the same mistakes over and over again.

How to Be Massively Successful with Women
4 breakthroughs that will revolutionize your love life and your lays. Who’s getting the girls now… and why? Find out the next steps…

How To Become An Alpha Male Preview
A preview of the “How To Become An Alpha Male” program. Learn to attract women and become successful at seduction. Download the PDF today and freshen up your game.

How To Instantly Attract Any Woman You Want
Find out how the following actions can improve your chances: Have a game plan. Stop looking for the perfect pick-up line. Become a more social, interdependent person. Don’t smother the girl. Playful teasing through words. Playful teasing through actions. Understand the three keys to making first sex work.

Play By Play Attraction Guide
The Definitive Flow Chart. Follow the flow of thinking depicted and memorize it. Being able to detect these signals and react correctly can make all the difference.

Secret Weapons & Attraction Tactics
M.A.C.K. (Method. Action. Confidence. Knowledge.) Tactics. Sexual Attraction 101, Decoding “Chick Speak”, How I Turned My Game Around, Tips On Approaching Women, How To Start The Conversation, and much much more in the downloadable PDF article.

The Conversation Blueprint
Six steps to building sexual chemistry with women and closing the deal: covers the approach, building a bond, push-pull conversation, and the escalation & close.

The Secret To Getting Her Back
How to Make Your Ex Irresistibly Attracted to You. Follow a typical scenario, find out what will make her attracted to you again. Learn about becoming a man of high value and how it can lead to your upcoming success. Get the next step…